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Published October 2019 | Version v1.0.0
Conference Presentation Open

Down the rabbit hole we go again (the 19th Health Sciences Lively Lunchtime discussion): Developments 2018-2019


A handout prepared for and presented in synopsis during a brief (traditional) annual update of interesting and noteworthy trends in the health publishing and health information sectors that occurred or were noticed since the 2018 Health Sciences Lively Lunch at the Charleston Conference: Issues in Book and Serial Acquisition. (19th Lively Lunch took place on Thursday, November 7, 2019 in Charleston, SC).


After greetings from luncheon sponsor, Rittenhouse, the moderator, Rena Lubker, introduced the session and provided introductory remarks about this years three presentations: a commentary on issues that keep us up at night; a report on considerations to make when leaving big deal licenses and entering into new, OA friendly arrangements; and more discussion about the impact of expansions on libraries of academic medical affiliation. All three topics provided fodder for lively discussion by presenters and participants. Ramune Kubilius provided a brief annual update on health sciences publishing world developments. Are there trends or commonalities in the issues that concern health sciences collection managers across institutions? Susan Kendall, editor of a recent book on 21st century collection management, shared her thoughts on what keeps health sciences collection managers on their toes (or up at night). Participants prepared to agree or disagree with her list.What goes into planning, preparing and actively shifting towards a more open access friendly landscape? How do consortia make decisions to leave or enter into deals on behalf of a multi-type academic library system? Are the interests of health sciences libraries represented? Sarah McClung shared examples of recent collections decisions made by the University of California libraries and what lessons can be imparted to other libraries, including those licensing in smaller groups or even solo.The ever-changing academic library and affiliated hospital relationship landscape will again be explored. Jean Gudenas examined the effects of hospital mergers and acquisitions on academic libraries. She discussed the challenges with negotiating licensing changes quickly, the commitment to communication, and other matters essential to ensuring access to resources for the new affiliates.


2019 Health Sciences Lively Lunch Developments final draft.pdf
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