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Published March 31, 2023 | Version v1.0.0
Study Design Open

Oncolytic Adenoviral Treatment of Brain Tumors: A Scoping Review Protocol


Background: Oncolytic virotherapy (OVT) is a relatively new tool in the armament of cancer treatmentchoices. One of the vectors used is the adenovirus (AdV); it has been well-studied in OVT. Through genetic modification, AdVs are adept at targeting tumor cells, causing tumor cell death. These cells then release cytokines that recruit immune cells and amplify the immune response to cancer while continuing to infect adjacent tumor cells due to innate properties of viral replication that are also enhanced by genetic modification. It has also been found that the use of AdV OVT can be used in conjunction with other anti-cancer therapies without added toxicities. In our scoping review, we aim to collect the global literature on adenoviral OVT in the treatment of primary brain cancer a type of solid cancer - and synthesize the key qualitative and quantitative findings from the included articles.Objectives: This scoping review study aims to identify the types of brain tumors that are being treated with adenoviral oncolytic viral therapy (OVT) as well as the corresponding quantitative and qualitative patient outcomes determined by the included articles. We also hope to identify any gaps in the literature including a lack of research in certain populations, for example.Methods: We will be following the PRISMA-Scr guidelines proposed by Arksey and OMalley to adapt the PRISMA systematic review guidelines to our broader research question.Amendments: Any relevant protocol changes will be documented with date, description, and reasoning forchange as needed throughout the study.


Horak_2023.3.3_OVT_Scoping Review Protocol_final.docx.pdf
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April 14, 2023
April 14, 2023