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Published 2016 | Version v1.0.0
Conference Poster Open

The mosaic of translation: an analysis of translational medicine publications


Poster presented at the Medical Library Association Annual Conference, Toronto, ON 2016. Presented on 05/10/2016.


Objective: Research impact and evaluation services are incredibly important in the area of translational medicine. One method for evaluation is publication analysis, which plays a valuable role in helping an institution gain insights about its research and clinical activities that might not be discernible from other means, including some of the available institution-level data stores. Methods: We used publication analysis and information visualization to evaluate the outputs of translational medicine. We discussed the results of harvesting bibliographic metadata from literature databases, analyzing percentile rankings of publications, and reviewing topical trends over time. Results: We found that coverage of journals with a translational focus varies by resource. Additionally, each resource allows for differing types and quantities of exportable metadata. Publications were analyzed based on the available metadata, and visualizations were created to show the results of the publication analysis. Conclusions: The insights gained through evaluation, in particular using publication analysis, allow both investigators and the institutions to convey the benefits and impact of their research and clinical efforts to stakeholders. Publication analysis also provides valuable information that can be used for benchmarking, forecasting, and strategic planning activities.


presentation_location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


2016_04-29 MLA Translation Mosaic Poster copy.pdf
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