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Published June 11, 2020 | Version v1.0.0
Masters Thesis Open

The Influence of Acculturation on Latino Adults Beliefs, Attitudes, and Behaviors Toward Tobacco Use: Results of 2014 Focus Groups


Objective To explore the influence of acculturation on the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors toward tobacco use in Latino adults.Methods Data from twenty-four focus groups conducted at four different locations (Chicago, San Diego, Miami, Bronx-New York) were transcribed and uploaded to Atlas.ti. Groups were classified as either high acculturation or low acculturation based on the language spoken during the focus group. English groups were high acculturation while Spanish groups were low acculturation. Mentions of tobacco use in the community and family, tobacco product awareness, tobacco cessation resources, tobacco-related health effects, sources of health information, and second-hand smoke were noted based on acculturation level. Once the review was complete, information collected was compared between acculturation level groups. Results There were no representative differences between English and Spanish-speaking groups in reference to tobacco product use, tobacco product knowledge, and family influence in starting to use tobacco products. Major differences between groups were seen with English-speaking groups who were more likely to show less perceived risk in regard to tobacco use and second-hand smoke being a problem in the community, while Spanish-speaking groups were more likely to show high-perceived risk related to second-hand smoke and health effects associated to tobacco use.


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March 31, 2023
March 31, 2023